Wednesday, April 02, 2014

How Can I Convert My Files?

Ever have a document, spreadsheet, presentation, ebook, audio file, video file, image, or anything else that is in one format, and you need it in another? Sure the "Save as" menu in your program probably includes a number of options. But what if you need more?

In this post, you will get links to sites which will convert, for free, your desired file from one format to another:

  • CloudConvert supports archive, audio, cad, document, ebook, image, presentations, spreadsheet, vector, and video conversion.
  • CometDocs supports conversion of PDF files to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The service also supports conversion of various file formats to PDF.
  • Have a PDF and need it converted to Kindle, mobi, or azw? Try this site.
  • This site convert a CSV file to XML.
  • Scanning a document and having it save as PDF is easy. Depending of what type of scanner is being used, the result could leave you with a set of one-page scans rather than one document which scrolls from page to page. PDF Mergy allows you to upload those individual PDF pages and have them combined into one document.
  • I have found that while PDF mergy does a great job of combining individual pages into one document, the resulting file size is large. Compress PDF allows you to upload your PDF and it returns to you the same PDF in a much smaller size.
  • If you have an image whose file size you would like to reduce, is a great site. Upload your document, and the service removes unnecessary bytes.
  • Zamzar supports over 1,200 different conversions, including video, music, ebooks, images, and CAD.

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Do you already use one or more of these services? What comments would you like to add?

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