Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From iGoogle to igHome

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Good things will go away, and when they do, they are replaced with better things.

In February, I wrote about my experiences with igHome the personalized homepage I am now using.I am talking about it in this post because it fits with the theme of this thread of posts...good services we depend on that later cease to exist.

I had used iGoogle as my homepage for years. One evening, I opened my browser to see an announcement that iGoogle will no longer be available after November 1, 2013. The announcement left me and many others scrambling for an alternative.

Time ManagementAs with the other posts in this thread, there was an alternative, in fact several of them.Within the same day, I found and created an account at

While Netvibes was good, what I liked even better is an alternative which seems to have been created to fill the void left by iGoogle. igHome retained the look and feel of of iGoogle. The page even includes the black bar at the top, which takes you to Google Calendar, Gmail, YouTube, etc. The only difference is that with igHome, you can customize that black bar to include links to any sites you want.

You can add your own gadgets by clicking the "Add Gadgets" button in the upper-right corner. There, you can enter a subject in the search window and see whether or not the gadget you want exists. On the left-hand side of the screen, a list of categories is visible. Clicking on any category name reveals a list of suggested gadgets.

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The page even includes a link to leave a suggestion for a new gadget. My experience has been that the library of gadgets is rich, and virtually everything I had on my iGoogle page is also available on igHome. I am finding the selections on igHome to be better than what is available of Netvibes.

The creator of igHome is responsive to suggestions. He has a good system in place for taking requests and providing feedback on the status of those requests. For example, I found the Google Calendar gadget would display only the main Google Calendar, whereas I also have a second calendar which tracks my wife's appointments, and a third containing "FYI" events. I asked about the possibility of being able to show multiple Google calendars in igHome. Within just a couple of weeks, that capability was there.

Good things will go away, and when they do, they are replaced with better things. 

Do you use a personal homepage, and if so, which one? Anyone else using igHome?

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Brian Lacouvee - Lawn Dude said...

I have been using ighome and love it, wanted the google search bar again, well I found it in the settings section along with lots of other customizable things. I have switched over and am comfortable.