Friday, September 07, 2012

Do You Have This in Your Pocket?

Much has changed over the years, but one thing that has been a constant for me since college has been a notepad in my pocket. Even today, when getting information into my signature tool gets easier and easier, there are times when the quickest and easiest thing is to pull out the memo pad and a pen.

I think we all need a memo pad. After all, we need something to house our credit cards, driver's license, and insurance cards anyway. Why not have one tool which holds those items plus a small memo pad? Because of that little memo pad, I don't carry a wallet in my back pocket, and don't find myself sitting on one day after day.

I am not alone in being a fan of the memo pad. I have posted before on this subject, referencing a blog post I had found on "The Pocket Notebook of 20 Famous Men." In this post, I pointed readers to another article on "The Manly Tradition of the Pocket Notebook."

I first talked about the pocket memo pad in a post called "The Best $10 You Will Ever Spend." You will notice in that post, I provide a link to where readers could get the same memo pad I described. You will also notice that link is now dead. That point becomes important as you read on.

After years of daily use, my memo pad has been showing its share of wear, and the time has come to buy a new one. I had no idea how hard it would be to find a replacement. The office supply stores didn't have them. I even found a site called One would think if anybody would have what I was looking for, they would. And they did...if I wanted to buy at least 25.

The good news is that today I found exactly what I was looking for. I found one that would hold my credit cards and diver's license, a few business cards, insurance cards, and that all-important memo pad. It's the same size I talked about it my original post. The price was even lower...$9. The place was Things Remembered.

If you don't have a memo pad in your pocket, you need one. I would recommend heading over to the nearby mall and grabbing one. But don't wait too long. The price was so low, $9 for a soft leather cover, because it's being discontinued. If you hurry, you may get one of the few remaining.

The memo pad may seem a small thing. However, if you are serious about not letting things fall through the cracks, serious about having total control, and serious about having peace of mind in a complex world, that little memo pad can be a big thing. Whatever comes your way, jot it there and you earn the right to forget about it. Pretty good value for $9.
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