Saturday, April 28, 2012

Illinois Principals Association Online Academy

I had a great time Thursday presenting a webinar for the Illinois Principals Association Online Academy. Entitled Time Management: The 5 Keys to Total Control and Peace of Mind, the 3-hour interactive webinar was designed to give practicing administrators practical tools to help them accomplish more, stay on top of their workdays, and experience less stress.

Here are the comments from the participants:
  • I would enjoy more presentations by Frank, especially with regards to free tech tools and being an efficient digital administrator. 
  • Great presentation! 
  • The workshop was great! 
  • This was an exceptionally helpful presentation. Organization is essential. 
  • Great Job! I appreciate you responding to all the questions. 
  • Great presentation!
  • Thought it was great! 
  • Great interactive presentation. Thank you for all the great ideas! 
  • Great information and presenter. 
  • The Online Academy Time Management was presented well and the information presented is USEFUL information. Well done! 
  • There was a lot of useful information presented to us today. A great amount of time would be saved by just using 1 or 2 of the ideas shared. 
  • I actually do some of the organizational tasks that Dr. Buck mentioned. For example, the journal. I really enjoyed the detailed information and I will be using it. 
  • This was an excellent presentation. I will actually start using some of the items today and can improve on others such as Outlook with the “Drag and Drop.” 
  • I have over 1,000 emails and thanks to Dr. Buck I plan to have none by Monday. 
  • Thank you for providing organization ideas that are helpful in managing the flood of information. 
  • This was a well-organized and practical seminar. 
  • The Online Academy was great! This is my 2nd and I love them! 
  • This was so practical and oftentimes the practical gets lost to the theoretical. 
  • I feel that this has been the most informative academy that I have attended. I plan to put the information I learned today in place as soon as I sign out of the academy, 
  • Extremely practical and helpful! 
  • I gained many useful tools to help me get, and stay, organized in this profession. Thank you! 
  • I am literally taking this home to share with my wife so we can get organized at home also, given some of the business ideas we are working on for our companies! 
  • If you need time, make time for this! 
  • This information was very helpful. 
  • This was a great use of my time! I got some great ideas and will incorporate them immediately. 
  • Great ideas that were very practical and some I accomplished immediately. 
  • This workshop will make me a more efficient administrator. 
  • This AA offered very practical suggestions. I am eager to implement them!
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