Monday, October 24, 2011

Improving Reading Fluency With an iPad and Fry Phrases

Fry Phrases are short combinations of words which come from Dr. Edward Fry’s "Instant Word List" (High Frequency Words). According to Fry, the words in the list represent the majority of all the words students encounter in their reading. Practicing these Fry Phrases with some emphasis on speed increases reading fluency.

A long-standing practice has been to put these phrases on flash cards and let students practice, with the goal being not only to call words correctly, but call them quickly. With today's technology, we can easily make a PowerPoint presentation with each Fry Phrase appearing on its own slide. With a set of tablets, each child can practice fluency independently.

Click to download a free set of Fry Phrases. The file can be saved on each tablet so that the set can be used regardless of the availability of an Internet connection.

As an additional resource, I ran across this excellent resource compiled by New Park Elementary School in Harlan, IA. Here, you will find an assortment of PowerPoint decks with slides that automatically advance, ensuring that students acquire some degree of speed.These resources will require an Internet connection.

"I have tablets for my classroom, now what?" These resources help provide some answers.
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