Wednesday, January 05, 2011

If I Had One More Hour Every Day...

We all want more hours in the day. At a workshop with the faculty of Loudon High School in Loundon County Tennessee, two days ago, we asked the participants to share what they would do if they had an extra hour every day. Here is a sample of what they said...

If I had one more hour every day, I would:
...exercise outside
...clean the window sills and baseboards in my house for pleasure with my kids
...reflect on what I accomplished that day
...learn to crochet
...get home earlier
...learn to play the piano and arrange music
...delete emails to my kids
...develop better lesson activities
...hunt longer
...sleep more grading of papers
...get more done in my classroom
...have fun with my kids more film
...think of ways to help my daughter learn more
...get to know the people I work with better
...take time just for me

With the tools and strategies we examined during the day, saving an hour a day is a conservative estimate. Imagine a group that now collectively has the time for all of the things listed above!

If you had one more hour every day, what would you do?
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