Saturday, June 27, 2009

Workshop Comments from Virtual AETC

In the last post, we talked about what workshop participants from Virtual AETC would do with an extra hour. In this post, you can read comments from the workshop as keyed into the comment box by participants:
  • This is great. Motivates me to get organized!!
  • So true!
  • Sheer panic
  • I've had teachers learn this lesson the hard way!!
  • Learned the hard way
  • It only takes one time to lose your data til you come up with a backup system.
  • I learned when I lost a 27 page (in the works) research paper...thank goodness for Norton Recovery
  • I have a couple of flash drives because I have lost my backup system before.
  • Don't forget your pictures.
  • This is exactly what i need
  • This is what I need!
  • Wow is right!
  • Too cool! I always enjoy your presentations
  • I always enjoy them, too
  • Good presentation and information.
  • Thanks so much! Very informative!
  • Great for people like me who forget everything
  • I love this! Exactly what I need!
  • Great tool!!!!!
  • Definitely!!!!!
  • Great
  • Great Presentation...Thank you
  • I always enjoy your workshops. Great information.
  • Thank you so much! Great presentation!
  • Thanks so much- I have sessions from you before and as always get very useful information
  • I ALWAYS learn new STUFF in your sessions! Thanks
  • Great workshop
  • Great ideas...thanks!!
  • This session SOOOO informative!!!!

It's always a pleasure to present to people who are hungry for easier ways to navigate life. This year's Virtual AETC was my first experience with presenting via the computer. I learned a lot along the way, and for me, learning something new every day is important.
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